ACDC Shook Me All Night Long

ACDC shook me all night long is one of the band’s popular songs, and to the fans, one of the several most enduring songs in their celebrated career.

AC/DC is originally a rock band from Australia, and was formed by Malcolm and Angus Young in 1973. Both of them were brothers, and the band chose the acronym for alternating current/direct current to epitomize the raw energy and power performances of the band on stage. Although their style is considered hard rock, they are also considered as pioneers of the heavy metal genre. However, the band said that their genre was simply rock and roll. AC/DC is one of the highest grossing bands in the rock and roll genre, and several of their albums are highest selling albums of the genre. Their album Back in Black is just behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller as the best selling album in history.

ACDC shook me all night Long is one of the flagship songs of the band, and the song belongs to the aforementioned album, Back in Black. It is also featured on their later album Who Made Who. The song reach the Billboard Hot 100 pop singles at number 35 during 1980, and is one of AC/DC’s top 40 singles. It also placed at number 10 on VH1’s list called “The 100 Greatest Songs of the ’80s,” as well as being number 1 on VH1’s list “Top Ten AC/DC Songs.” The guitar solo in acdc shook me all night long was also voted number 80 on Guitar World’s list “100 Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time.”

As a result, ACDC Shook Me All Night Long is incredibly popular with the fan base, so much so that the song has become a staple at AC/DC concerts. Most of the performances of AC/DC have song lineups that seldom exclude this song, because of popular demand. Among all of their songs, only Highway to Hell and Back in Black have popularities on par with ACDC Shook Me All Night Long.

This song also has a music video, albeit a controversial one. Six years after the song was released, director David Mallet produced the music video in which the Young brothers watch out for Brian Johnson in a British-type town pursuing his exploits with the town beauty. The film narrative is in black and white, while the band performance interspersed in between the scenes is filmed in color. The ACDC Shook Me All Night Long music video, as was said, is the most controversial of all their music videos, since it featured women in skimpy one-piece tankinis riding on stationary bicycles, some with zippers on the groin area.

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